5 Reasons to Stay in a Beach Vacation Rental for the Holidays

Saturday, November 18, 2017

If the mild winters of Sarasota, Siesta Key, or Longboat Key aren’t reason enough to come and stay in a vacation rental for the holidays, we have a few other reasons that you may want to consider packing up and host your family holiday traditions near the beach.

1. No one has to stress about hosting

Especially for big families, hosting for the holidays can be a lot of work. It can take hours (or days) to prep your home for guests and there's always pressure on the host to make sure that everything goes smoothly. Why not meet at a neutral location and start a new family tradition? 

2. There’s room for everyone

Finding a beach vacation rental big enough for your whole group is easy. No one is sharing their room; no sleeping bags or air mattresses are required. It’s also a great option for family that is coming to visit, but might not have room to stay with you. It’s a much better option than a hotel room, especially for a family. 

3. You can still have a home-cooked meal

Even if you’re away from home for the holidays, you will still have a full kitchen that you and your family can gather around to cook a holiday feast. You can’t get that from staying in a hotel. Don’t feel like cooking? There are plenty of world-class restaurants in the area that offer holiday meals.

4. You can have a holiday with a view

Whether your idea of a view is our beautiful downtown Sarasota, Sarasota Bay, or the Gulf of Mexico, many of our vacation rental homes have a view that will make any holiday scenic and memorable. Whatever your preference, we have something to make the holidays really shine.

5. The weather outside is wonderful

You don’t have to worry about snow here! There are plenty of outdoor activities going on in Sarasota and the surrounding keys during the cool weather months. You can take a walk on the beach, go for a bike ride, visit a museum, go shopping and more.

Contact Jennette Properties today to learn more about the rentals available during your holiday vacation, and get ready to have a great trip!
Jennette Properties 11/18/2017